Mosswood Stud

Hero.jpg picture by mosswood 

Mosscarr Hero now aged 17

 Hero-1.jpg picture by mosswood 

Aged 6

With the Kapardia girls


oscar.jpg picture by mosswood 

 Mosswood Oscar

Ffoslas Sir Gwynfor X Ystraddewi Pride


Boris.jpg picture by mosswood         

          Boris0002.jpg picture by mosswood

Mosswood Hunters Moon 

Nemorino (TB) X Ystraddewi Pride

Prince.jpg picture by mosswood 

Oughtrington Prince William 

Parc Welsh Flyer X Oughtrington Maggie True Blue


Holly.jpg picture by mosswood 

Mosswood Hollyberry

Foxgate Edward X Hollytree Jamyma

al.jpg picture by mosswood

Mosswood Alder  Auric Surprize X Wilshwin


Image5.jpg picture by mosswood  

Hollytree Jamyma (RIP) 

 Aberconwy Taliesin X Hollytree Jasynth


                Chelsea2.jpg picture by mosswood

Wilshewin (Chelsea)RIP  

Brierwood Fullback X Brindansi Megan

Winning the barren mare class at Cheshire Show

Hero0001.jpg picture by mosswood