Mosswood Stud

Mosswoods second foal born 17 April 2008 to Heaton Pink Lady

By Mosswood Beauman

Now named Moswood Red Arrow (Red)


foal2080008.jpg picture by mosswood

foal2080016-1.jpg picture by mosswood

At 2 weeks old (2 May 2008)

foal2080044-1.jpg picture by mosswood

Now 6 weeks old

foal2080026.jpg at 6 weeks old picture by mosswood

Now 5 months old       0011.jpg Red 5 months image by mosswood                   


At six months           Pictures by Eqinational                                                        

               ACX008.jpg picture by mosswood ACX022.jpg picture by mosswood

The first Mosswood foal of 2008 has been named

Mosswood Beau Jangles (BJ)was born on the 22 March.

He is  by Mosswood Beauman out of Pontllys J-Lo

BJ was very crumples at birth as mum was not that big

but has now straightened out.

foal080006-1.jpg picture by mosswood



foal080007-1.jpg picture by mosswood


Designer foal wear


foal080007-2-1.jpg picture by mosswood

6 days old and eating hard feed

2008_0328Image0021-1.jpg picture by mosswood


BJ now 9 weeks old

foal2080025-1.jpg picture by mosswood

Now 6 months old

0004.jpg B J 6 Months image by mosswood

foal2080009-1.jpg picture by mosswood

Putwell Dinky has been covered by Beau for 2009


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